72 Custom Weather Proof Labels

72 Custom Weather Proof Labels

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IMPORTANT! Please read

  1. After your purchase, please be ready to upload or email your design to us immediately.
  2. After paying on PayPal, you return to this site to upload your file or visit this page
  3. Do not purchase your labels online of you are bottling tomorrow or same day, you risk paying for your labels and not getting them in time.
  4. Your label must identify your product as beer, ale, porter, stout, lager, pilsner or the brand name registered by the brew kettle (just plain brew won't do!) Click the enlarge button to the left and bottom of picture for full instructions
  5. Click here for Photoshop and design templates.

We accept the following formats

  • Preferred file *.jpeg or *.jpg,  We also accept *.bmp, *.tiff, *.gif, and *.pdf
  • We can accept *.psd and *.ai files. If you feel they need to be adjusted by us, leave the layers, if they are complete, export the *.jpg file and upload it. This will prevent conversion discrepancies.
  • Not accepted - Publisher files and PowerPoint. (hint) Both these programs will export your file into a *.jpg file. File, "save as" *.jpg.

We would be glad to help with your design, upload your image and add the instructions to your purchase in the comments box.

Labels will be taken to BOP after printing and you will receive an email receipt when they are finished. We do not mail them. If you have more than 1 label, be sure to add more than 1 set of 72 labels to the cart.

REMEMBER! Do not purchase your label online for same day or next day labels, you risk not get your labels in time. Simply email them to the labels address

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